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10 Things you Need for the Perfect Home Office

However you may feel about the world’s return to ‘normality’ (if we can really call it ‘normal’) one thing that the events of the past 18 months have changed for ever is the way we work. Around the world, companies of all shapes and sizes are beginning to see the benefits of offering their employees a flexible working schedule, allowing them to work remotely as and when they prefer. One thing this guarantees? A better, happier work-life balance, and in return, more motivated workers.

I’m sure that, by now, your home office/workspace is looking and feeling pretty close to perfect. Personally, despite having worked remotely now for three years, I’m only just beginning to truly understand the benefits of creating a productive, bright, and inspiring environment to work from within your home. Whether you’re desperate to get back to your regular office or you’ve decided you’re quite comfortable spending most of your life alternating between various pairs of pyjamas, a nice home workspace is always a useful resource.

If you’re looking to level up your home office, then keep reading for 10 of the items I absolutely couldn’t WFH without.

VANDBORG 60x120 Desk - Jysk

1. Spacious desk

This may seem blindingly obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people work from their kitchen table. Although this is a good solution if you’re tight on space, I find that separating my work zone from my leisure zone helps me to concentrate during my working hours.

A good desk doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive: the most important thing to note when searching for a home office desk is its depth. Try to find a desk that’s at least 60cm deep – that way, your eyes are never too close to your screen, and your back can stay as straight as possible. This means no more eye-ache or back pain!

I use this wooden desk from Danish homeware brand Jysk.

LÅNGFJÄLL Office Chair in Beige/White - IKEA

2. Comfy chair

I was always of the belief that the type of chair you sat in didn’t make a difference – after all, aren’t all chairs for sitting, anyway? But since buying a comfortable office chair, I’ve begun to see the light.

Don’t worry if you want to keep your home office looking aesthetic (because who doesn’t?): there are an infinite number of ergonomically-friendly office chairs on offer which don’t force you to compromise on style. Try this simple chair I’ve been using from IKEA.

(P.S.: try looking on second-hand sites or on Facebook Marketplace for your office furniture!)

2 Tier Computer Monitor Riser Wood - FITUEYES

3. Laptop stand

If you’re a freelancer or remote worker, the chances are that you move around a lot, which kind of negates the need for a screen. Instead, to make sure your laptop is sitting at the right height to avoid any potential neck pain, buy a simple laptop stand.

Whether you’re looking for a more permanent model (such as this wooden stand with extra storage space) or something to take with you on your travels (like this plastic IKEA stand), your neck muscles will thank you.

KUT019 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo (White/Silver) - Jelly Comb

4 Keyboard and Mouse

Not to sound dramatic, but buying an attachable keyboard and mouse will change the way you work. As well as helping you type more quickly and comfortably, and surf more accurately without those annoying (let’s admit it) trackpads, they look super professional, too.

If you sometimes work from a coworking office or café, or simply travel around a lot for work, invest in a lightweight mouse and keyboard like this set from Jelly Comb.

Hello Sunshine Mid-Year Diary - Papier

5. Pretty planner/agenda

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: no one makes stationery like Papier. I’ve been using Papier’s year diaries for 3 years now, and I’ll never go back. Their spacious layout (one week per two-page spread) and thoughtful sections (year layout, month-by-month grid, monthly goals and manifestations) make to-do lists fun and practical. Oh, and you can personalise the cover to suit your style, too.

Avellino Silver Photo Frame - Paperchase

6. Frames and photos

Nothing inspires you like the people you love: which is why your home office needs a few friendly faces, too! Print out some of your favourite pictures of the people you love the most, and place them on your desk to make you smile when that deadline comes hurtling towards you.

Santa Rosa Throw - Peachy Parrot

7. Cosy blanket

Comfy is key, and what’s comfier than a soft, warm blanket? Keep one slung over the back of your chair for quick access if you find yourself getting a little chilly. Will it send you to sleep? Possibly. But at least you’ll be cosy while you nap.

'Book Lover' Wall Art Print - Studio en Rose

8. Prints and posters

There’s nothing less inspiring than a blank, white wall. If that’s what you’re staring at all day as you work, then you may find your motivation starting to dip – after all, empty white walls can feel a little like a prison if you’re sat inside them for too long (i.e. during a lockdown or three).

Purchase some prints or posters with a little personality that remind you of a place you love, or that simply add some of your personality to your home office. The elegant prints from Studio en Rose are an ideal way to add subtle beauty to your workspace, or try the bold posters from Palm and Wild.

Image of original planters from @plantedinclay

9. Plants

When it comes to plants and flowers, I always opt for the ‘more the merrier’ approach. Why? Because plants bring life into any drab, soulless office space. Also, getting up to water them counts as an excuse to take a break and stretch your legs – almost like having a pet.

Dress your plants in quirky, original pots, such as these ones from Planted in Clay.

White Freckle 'Tit-Tea' mug - Sophie McIlwaine Ceramics

10. Funky mug

Make your too-frequent coffee breaks fun with a bright, quirky mug, like the beautiful handmade ‘tit-tea’ cups from Sophie McIlwaine Ceramics. Caffeine and body positivity? Yes, please!

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