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4 Best European Destinations for Digital Nomads

For many who have made the transition to a digital nomad lifestyle, the greatest attraction is the ability to work from absolutely anywhere in the world - be it a sandy beach in Thailand, a snow-capped Swiss mountain, or the depths of a tropical rainforest. But, with the world at your disposal, it can seem almost impossible to choose the best place to relocate.

When searching for their next home, remote workers tend to prioritise a number of factors:

  1. A network of other freelancers

  2. Good work-life balance

  3. Low cost of living

  4. Access to coworking spaces and cafes

  5. Speedy internet connection

  6. Good domestic and international transport links

While this may read like a list of impossible achievements, there are a few places in the world that tick all of these boxes and more. For anyone considering a European base, read on to discover 4 of my favourite cities for freelancers.

Lisbon, Portugal

I may be biased in saying this, but Lisbon is one of the best cities in the world; it was the city in which I took my first steps in my journey as a digital nomad, and I could never have chosen a better location! From its endless summers and thriving nightlife scene to its well-connected freelancer networks and array of coworking spaces and offices, Lisbon is often hailed the European hub of remote working. The digital nomad lifestyle in this bright, vibrant city consists of working in one of the many beautifully-decorated cafes and offices dedicated to its ever-growing freelancer community, before rushing to the beach or the riverside just in time for sunset cocktails and petiscos. Sounds dreamy, right?

Stay here: Selina Secret Garden

Work here: Manifest.Lisbon or Hello, Kristof

Party here: Jam Club or O 36

Barcelona, Spain

In-keeping with its reputation as being one of Europe's party capitals, Barcelona is bursting at the seams with fun, its vibrant, young population seeming to perfect that intricate balance between working hard and playing harder. The city's vast international community, as well as its unbeatable weather, cheap eats, and even cheaper drinks, makes Barcelona a hugely popular location for digital nomads from all over the world. The dark maze of streets are spattered with coffee houses and bars, interspersed with coworking offices which house professionals from all industries and fields - although, arguably, the city's infinitely friendly air and bright, quirky architecture lends itself mostly to creatives.

Stay here: Hostal Grau

Work here: Black Remedy or Espai Joliu

Party here: Marula Cafe or Paradiso

Budapest, Hungary

A beautiful eastern-European city that has recently climbed to the top of everyone's radar, the Hungarian capital is as famed for its elegant architecture as for its crazy nightlife. Over the past few years, Budapest has established a name for itself as one of the best locations in Europe for digital nomads, owing perhaps to its low cost of living and its laid-back lifestyle. Whilst the international community here grows larger each year, the city has never lost sight of its traditional charm, instead embracing its increasing globalisation with the introduction of coworking spaces, hostels, and an array of bars and meeting points.

Stay here: Shantee House or Brody House

Work here: UrbanFood Cafe & Coworking

Party here: Szimpla Kert or Instant-Fogas

Tallinn, Estonia

A recent contender among the best European locations for digital nomads, Tallinn has stormed to the top of the list for many, with its forward-thinking mindset and technology-based industry. The most northerly of the Baltic States, Estonia shares many of its cultural quirks with its Scandinavian neighbours, meaning that innovation is a top priority; it is a little-known fact that some of the world's most well-regarded companies were founded here, including the likes of Skype and TransferWise. For digital nomads in the tech field, and for small start-ups, Tallinn is an ideal base from which to work, offering its inhabitants a range of coworking spaces, cosy bars and cafes, and iconic chocolate-box houses.

Stay here: Lai 22 Hostel or Draper Startup House

Work here: Spring Hub or Must Puudel

Party here: Hell Hunt or Depeche Mode Baar


Are you a digital nomad? Let me know your favourite European city in the comments below!

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