• Abi Prowse

5 Reasons You Absolutely Need a Social Media Scheduling Tool

Until recently, I was utterly convinced that things were better done manually. If I wanted something done, I was going to do it myself! And while this approach may work well for certain things – like driving a car or writing a book – there are some tools which can simply make your life a thousand times easier. I’m talking, of course, about social media scheduling tools!

With so many different platforms now available to content creators and digital marketing managers, social media scheduling tools are quickly becoming an essential device in successfully managing, planning, and visualising your content. Working away in the background for you, these tools are particularly helpful, for example, to companies who work across a variety of time zones, posting your pre-prepared content as you snooze happily in bed.

From Buffer and Hootsuite to Later and Loomly, scheduling platforms seem to be sprouting up as quickly as the digital world is growing – making your work life a whole lot easier. Still not convinced that social media scheduling is for you? Here are 5 reasons it absolutely is.

1. It allows you to batch create content

By dedicating a day or two every four weeks batch creating your content for the upcoming month, you’ll watch your social channels begin to flourish. If there’s a specific event or special date coming up, for example, batch creating your content gives you the chance to focus upon this. Batch creating allows for creative brainstorming, and will also ensure that any imagery you take will have the same lighting – this means more consistency on the grid!

2. It encourages more thought in your captions

A good caption is incredibly underrated when it comes particularly to Instagram posts. Because most social media platforms are so focused on visual content, it’s easy to forget just how much your captions really matter. Using a social media scheduling tool gives you more time and freedom to really consider your captions, making sure they’re well-written, entertaining, and encourage your followers to engage with what’s being said.

3. You can better plan how your imagery will look across platforms

Many social media scheduling tools will allow you to preview how your upcoming posts will look on your grid/channel. This can be incredibly helpful in allowing you to create cohesive content that ties nicely in with your brand image! Establishing a recognisable style in your content will render your brand more memorable in the eyes of existing and potential customers – so make sure your social channels reflect this. Find out more about taking eye-catching Instagram photos here.

It's also worth noting that not all platforms suit the same kind of content - Twitter, for example, places arguably more importance on words than imagery, whilst Instagram is the opposite. Scheduling tools help you edit your content to suit each individual platform!

4. It saves you precious time

Remember the hours spent deciding what you should post today, at what time you should post, and whether you should post at all? Those concerns are a thing of the past. Using a social media scheduling tool will help you perfectly-time your posts, no matter the time zone! It also means that you can spend one or two days each month scheduling your content, before dedicating the rest of your time to the thing you love most about your job: the work itself. Social media scheduling tools are a life-saver particularly for small business owners who wear all the hats when it comes to their company!

5. It inspires creativity

Acting almost as a mood board, social media scheduling tools help fuel your creativity by allowing you to see your content laid out side-by-side. Take the time to do some research into competitor accounts and take inspiration from their imagery – putting your own spin onto it, of course.


Which social media scheduling tool do you use, and why? Come let us know!

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