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6 Innovative Bullet Journal Ideas for Beginners

A trend which is quickly taking the self-care world by storm, bullet journaling allows you to keep on top of your work and personal life in a creative yet organised way. For anyone like me who sometimes feels overwhelmed when it comes to maintaining a work-life balance, bullet journaling may just be the answer. But what exactly is it?

The beauty of a bullet journal is that it can be anything you want it to be. A means of personal organisation, where you can document memories, keep track of habits you'd like to keep, make to-do lists, or brainstorm ideas, bullet journaling allows you to focus your time and energy on various aspects of your life, all in one notebook. It's also been proven beneficial for mental health, allowing you to take concentrate on something that's not a screen and take your mind away from the things that have been worrying you.

Whether you're someone who loves to make lists or have a slightly more creative soul, bullet journaling can be adapted and used by everyone. But it can be difficult to know where to start - and that's where we come in! Keep reading to discover 6 innovative bullet journal ideas for beginners, to inspire your new favourite hobby.

1. Weekly or monthly overview

Mapping out your week or month is always useful when making plans with friends or scheduling in some all-important me time. That's why I like to start each month of my bullet journal with a monthly overview or calendar. Try using a different colour to add in each of your different plans, differentiating between appointments, work commitments, and your social life.

2. Daily habit tracker

If you have a few daily habits you'd love to stick to, but often end up feeling overwhelmed or forgetting completely, then a daily habit tracker could be your answer. Add as many or as few habits as you'd like, and tick them off each day if you manage to achieve them. These habits can include things such as drinking enough water, remembering to eat breakfast, and getting out for a walk or some exercise.

3. Reading log

Avid readers will know that it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of what books you've read, who they're written by, and sometimes even whether or not you liked them. If you're aiming to read a certain amount of books or pages per day, then a reading log can help you make sure you're staying on-track. Whether you count the number of pages you read each day or simply list the books you've been enjoying this month, a reading log is a great way to keep note of your favourite novels.

4. Daily mood tracker

Keeping a close eye on your mood each day can help you better understand your feelings. Maybe there's always a certain day of the week you feel more anxious, or maybe at particular times of the month you feel a little down. With a daily mood tracker, you'll be able to identify and work through any emotions you may be feeling; it also serves as a great reminder that there are always happier days to come!

5. Screen time log

Gulp. No one really wants to check their screen time, do they? By logging your phone's screen time every day, you'll be able to see just how much time you spend watching dog reels on Instagram (guilty) and cut down your phone usage. If you have to hold yourself accountable every day to how many hours you've spent on your phone, I guarantee (from experience) you'll start reaching for it much less!

6. Exercise and movement tracker

When it comes to moving my body, I like to do whatever feels good on that particular day. While to some people, exercise means running 15k before spending 2 hours in the gym, to others it can mean a nice, long walk, or a short yoga session. Whatever exercise means to you, making sure you move your body every day in some way is hugely beneficial to both your physical and mental health, and to your productivity.

Make your exercise tracker as simple or as complex as you'd like: I like to take note of what I did to move my body that day, as well as placing a tick or cross next to the date.


Do you use a bullet journal? Come and let us know some of your favourite ideas in the comments!

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