• Abi Prowse

7 Ways to Travel from your Sofa

Raise your hand if you're over Zoom calls, Netflix binges, and the sight of the same four walls. If your hand is lifted, then SAME. But although it's looking like this may be our reality for a while still, there are ways to escape the everyday without leaving the comfortable dent you've carved for yourself in the sofa cushion.

Whether you're a seasoned jet-setter or you just enjoy the odd weekend away, we're all chomping at the bit to get back in the skies and travel. For now, we'll just have to make do with these home comforts until adventure is safe once again. Read on for our favourite 7 ways to travel from your sofa!

1. Books

It would be remiss of us to kick off this list with anything else! Books are, in our opinion, the best form of escapism, allowing you to experience new places and cultures through your own imagination. If, like us, you're tired of staring at a series of screens all day, then spend your evenings tucked up in your favourite corner with a good novel. If you're looking for suggestions, then check out our list of 5 of the best translated novels.

2. Films and shows

Delving into a good film or series is a sure-fire way to allow your busy brain to switch off for an hour or so. If you're longing for the glittering shores of far-away seas, or are feeling nostalgic towards your favourite city in the world, choose a movie or series which has been filmed in that particular location. If you're a fan of foreign cinema, then here are 5 reasons you should be watching subtitled films and series - along with a list of suggestions to get you started!

3. Instagram

We're sure you're probably already spending way more time than you'd like to admit on this particular app, but it can be the perfect source of #TravelInspo. With a collection of travel bloggers sharing their past adventures, and talented photographers rediscovering the beauty of their hometowns, Instagram's travel game has, ironically, never been better. Curate your feed to show only things that bring you joy!

4. Travel magazines

Travel magazines are among my favourite things in the world. Nothing beats a lazy morning spent flicking through their glossy pages with a steaming cup of coffee beside you. Whether you buy these mags purely for the incredible photography, or take the time to read the wonderfully-penned articles, some of my favourites include Condé Nast Traveller, Suitcase Magazine, and - of course - online travel mag Viaggio Magazine.

5. Music

Nothing inspires nostalgia quite like the sweet sounds of your favourite song. Spend some time creating playlists of your favourite holiday tunes, or of the songs which remind you of past travels. Why not try also researching little-known local artists from your favourite destinations, and getting a true flavour for the local culture?

6. Cooking

I'll happily throw my hands up, here, and admit that I definitely prefer the eating part of cooking. But after spending so much time (Every. Single. Day.) eating at home over the past year, I've begun slowly to fall in love with the process of cooking. It's also the perfect way to remind yourself of that amazing dish you had on your favourite trip, all those years ago. Look up the recipe, and get cooking! While it may not quite be restaurant-standard, it'll be sure to spark joy.

7. Photo albums

Remember all those amazing photos you took on your latest trip, which have been sitting, unappreciated, within your laptop's hard disk? Now is the time to whip them out again! Buy some scrapbooks and print out your favourite snaps (if you don't have a printer at home, then sites such as FreePrints and SnapFish can do this for you) and spend a few hours curating a series of photo albums for you to look back over in times of need.


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