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Business Resources for Women

The business world is evolving day by day. Where the word 'business' once conjured images of stiff suits, clinical office spaces and long, relentless hours, the concept has since become much more flexible, encompassing a wide range of people and skills. Each year, the percentage of women in high-powered roles is increasing across the world, with the number of women-owned businesses increasing by 4.2% each year between 2007 and 2018 - this spike in the number of female entrepreneurs has incited a growth in the range and availability of resources and networks available.

From women-run business magazines to advice for female digital nomads, here are my top business resources for women - whatever your industry!

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We Are Travel Girls

Founded by entrepreneurs Becky Van Dijk and Vanessa Rivers, We Are Travel Girls is an online community which aims to empower and educate female travellers from around the world. As well as their online blog and weekly newsletter, which both provide entertaining travel-related articles and pieces, We Are Travel Girls also offer a Facebook page which allows women from all over the world to connect, and to share advice and recommendations. The perfect community for digital nomads, this company brings like-minded women together to discuss ideas and share a passion for travel, hosting meet-ups in a variety of cities across the globe, as well as participating in panel events and discussions aimed at bloggers and remote workers. For adventurous female travellers, they also lead Travel Girls Getaways: guided group holidays for women.

For anyone looking to break into the blogging industry, Becky also offers regular guides, tips, and even classes to help budding travel writers find their feet in the industry.

Freelancing Females

The largest female freelancer's community in the world, Freelancing Females was founded in 2017 by Brooklyn-based Tia as a place for women to discuss any issues they were having, or to share advice with those who needed it. Today, the group has over 42,000 members, with 210,000 followers on Instagram and hundreds of jobs posted each week. The company's core values lie in confidence, accessibility, independence and reciprocity, creating a space in which women are able to build each other up and celebrate each other's successes.

Freelancing Females also host a number of workshops, conferences and events designed to inform and educate members of their community.

Chic CEO

As featured in Forbes, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan and more, Chic CEO is one of the leading online resources for women looking to start their own business. Their unique downloadable templates include plans for marketing, financing, and expenses, giving fresh-faced entrepreneurs that all-important boost at the beginning of their career. The company also publish a range of how-to guides, including titles such as 'How to Brand Yourself', 'How to Throw a Networking Event' and 'How to Work From Home'. Their Tech Toolbox will provide readers with the necessary site-building tools to make your business as professional and to run as smoothly as possible.

Women on Topp

An online business magazine for ambitious women, Women on Topp is designed to inspire entrepreneurs, sharing success stories and providing useful tools and resources. Their articles cover everything from overcoming workplace negativity to achieving the perfect work-life balance, including also a number of interviews from women across a wide range of fields and industries. The magazine's founder and CEO, Wana Miri, currently lives in London, and has been featured in multiple workshops and panel events teaching young entrepreneurs how to generate revenue and income from their business.


Let me know of any business resources or recommendations in the comments below!

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