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Business Updates: Rebranding Abi Translates

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

18 months into my career as a freelance translator and writer, I recently stopped to consider the direction my business was moving in. Originally branding myself as Abi Translates back in 2018, my career journey began almost exclusively with Italian to English translation: something which still, of course, makes up a large portion of my business. But I realised recently, when taking the time to stop and really think about where I wanted my business to go, that this name no longer suited the somewhat broad range of clients and projects I now find myself working with. With much of my time now dedicated not only to Italian companies, but to a range of companies of varying nationalities, I noticed that my services had adapted and grown to suit this new clientele. It is from this development in my career that Linguamore was born. Alongside IT-ENG translation, I have recently spent a great deal of time proofreading, editing, copywriting, and offering social media management services to my clients - I wanted my brand to reflect this change, too.

So, I'd like to introduce Linguamore: Creative English Writing Services.

Offering the same high-quality written content and personal, professional services, Linguamore places just as much importance upon copywriting, editing, and social media management as it does IT-ENG translation.

Get in touch now for a quote, and expand your business into the English-speaking world!

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