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Freelance Life: Behind the Scenes III

An interview with Livia Boerger of Made with Lemons

Next up in our freelancer interview series, I chat to the wonderful Livia Boerger of Made with Lemons: an online service which helps female entrepreneurs manage the behind-the-scenes tasks which make a business run smoothly. Originally from Germany, Livia has lived in both New York and London, and made the decision earlier this year to leave her 9-5 and begin her freelance career. Armed with a self-confessed passion for golden retrievers and a longing to travel the world, Livia's business aims to aid her clients in prioritising the aspects of their business they find most important, helping them achieve that perfect work-life balance.

In this interview, she lets us behind the curtain of her remote working journey thus far.

You can connect with Livia on Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | Pinterest | MadeWithLemons.co

Hey, Livia! Tell us a little bit about who you are.

I’m Livia and I’m from Germany! I run a service-based business supporting female entrepreneurs with Pinterest management, content repurposing and Facebook group community management.

Where are you currently based? What made you choose this location?

I moved to the US after finishing high school in Germany and ended up staying 6.5 years. My visa ran out and I wasn’t ready to go back home, so London seemed like a sensible option since I prefer speaking English!

What first inspired you to pursue a remote working lifestyle?

From my very first internship, I knew 9-5 wasn’t for me. I’ve never liked being told what to do and I just disliked the general lifestyle of it all. Commuting always took hours from my day and my health started to plummet. A regular office job couldn’t support my mental and physical wellbeing the way I was desiring to live my life, so I quit in April 2020 - and never looked back.

What's your favourite part of your job?

The flexibility and freedom. Probably a standard answer but it’s true! I love planning my day around activities or even weather. I worked early mornings and late nights most of summer so I could enjoy the weather during the day.

What's the most difficult part of your job?

Contracts, keeping track of your finances and scaling. I’m a big picture thinker and always have a million ideas. So when it comes to executing the day-to-day business, I’m usually already five steps ahead mentally and need to pace myself to set a solid foundation first.

What would your dream project be? Where do you envision your career taking you in the future?

Good question! I think me bouncing around between countries and visas has taught me to never plan too far ahead. I want to keep doing whatever provides me the most happiness, flexibility and peace in my life, but a dream of mine would be to speak on a Create & Cultivate panel and be featured in Forbes! I also have goals of creating a lifestyle company around female wellbeing, starting a YouTube channel and supporting women to better understand their bodies so they can radiate confidence from the inside out!

Do you prefer to base yourself in one place, or travel often?

The answer to this question would have probably looked very different last year, but with COVID happening, I am actually really happy to work from home and not get around much. I still love traveling but I’ve also grown into a homebody, so I like having a home base while still being able to travel.

Do you prefer to use a coworking space, or to work from home?

When quitting my job I saw myself working at a glitzy coworking space for women a few days per week, but I never got the chance to because things shut down before I could join, so I don’t know entrepreneurial life any different than working from home so far!

What is the one app or programme you couldn't live without?

Gmail. I’m actually weird and LOVE checking my email. Even if it’s from a client at 10pm. Probably not the healthiest habit but I just love email.

Any words of advice for those looking to begin a freelance career?

Just start. I spent years (four, to be exact) sitting around, wishing for the perfect business idea to fall in my lap. Surprisingly nothing happened. It wasn’t until I started doing that things started to fall in place. It’s okay if you don’t know the how and what at the beginning, just do something.

What set things in motion for me was starting a travel blog that I dreamed about for years. To support myself financially while pursuing blogging, I started reaching out to bloggers I admired on Instagram and started working for them. I ended up liking freelancing more than blogging, so those influencer clients turned into word of mouth referrals and more clients to me pivoting to my business as it is now - and I love it.

I would have never thought that this is the path I’d go if I hadn’t started the travel blog, so don’t be afraid of taking messy action. Just do SOMETHING!


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