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How to Support the Travel Industry Without Actually Travelling

Tentatively, the travel industry seems to be taking its first steps back into some form of normality. It’s no secret that, over the past eighteen months, every single industry around the world has been affected in some way; arguably, the travel and tourism sector is among those hit the hardest. And although things are slowly beginning to pick back up again – albeit in a very different climate – there are still rules and regulations in place which have found many keen travellers grounded for longer than they perhaps may have liked.

So, you may not find yourself this summer jetting off to a tropical beach or a cobblestone European city, but there are ways you can support the travel industry without even leaving your sofa. Keep reading to find out how.

1. Share, share, share!

We’ve all spent more time glued to our phones this past year than we’d probably care to admit. Whilst social media can certainly be a double-edged sword, its power and influence are undeniable. If you’re looking for ways to support the travel industry, then this is definitely the place to do that!

Make sure to follow, like, and share your favourite hotels or destinations on Instagram. Whilst you may not be able to make it there this summer, your post could reach someone who can. Get your dose of travel inspo through influencers based in your dream destinations and support their content, too. Often, these content creators work with local tourism boards to promote travel in that area.

2. Tune in to online events

We get it: you’re sick of Zoom. And who could blame you? Although many of us are ready to get back out there and enjoy in-person events again (responsibly and with restrictions in mind), it looks as if we may have to log in to our social lives a little longer. Maybe a restaurant in your favourite European city is hosting an online cooking class, or perhaps there’s a local tourism board running a digital workshop. By tuning in to these online events, you’ll be helping out businesses in the travel industry – and you may end up making a few virtual friends, too.

3. Read travel blogs and magazines

Our imaginations have been running wild these past eighteen months in search of adventure – and what better form of escapism than through the pages of a travel magazine? Whilst many digital and print magazines this year have turned to staycation guides and travel memories, you can help ensure this niche, somewhat old-school area of the travel industry can continue to amplify voices from all corners of the world.

4. Donate if you can

Do some research into local charities and non-profits in your favourite destinations that champion the promotion of local people and environments. For many countries around the world, the severe lull in tourism has been economically devastating; by donating whatever you can afford to a charity that helps to create an income for local communities, or to protect the country’s ecosystem. If a financial donation isn't feasible for you, share the link with friends, family, and followers.

Make sure, when searching for charities, to do your research and ensure that the non-profit has the local community’s best interests at the heart of its efforts.

5. Reschedule instead of cancelling your trip

If your travel plans over the past eighteen months haven’t exactly gone to plan, then you’re certainly not alone. Whether it’s the airline, the changing restrictions at your destination, or an unforeseen circumstance in your own life, travelling has been touch-and-go, to say the least. However, many airlines, hotels, and other tourism companies are beginning to recognise this, offering cancellation and rescheduling policies that encourage visitors to book with no risk of financial loss.

If you find yourself suddenly unable to travel for whatever reason, then consider rescheduling instead of cancelling your trip. Not only does this support the travel company, but also gives you an adventure to look forward to at a later date!

6. Support your local community

Whether you book a staycation or simply pay a visit to your favourite coffee house or restaurant, supporting your local community is a great way to sustain the tourism industry of your home town/country. With many eateries and bars now offering home deliveries and take-away menus, it’s never been easier to shop local.

7. Leave a review

Maybe there’s a travel experience that has lingered in your mind long since leaving that destination; a particularly delicious meal, or a unique hotel. By leaving a review on Google or TripAdvisor, you can quickly and easily help to promote that place to other travellers who are planning future trips.


Got a travel tip of your own? Leave it in the comments below!

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