• Abi Prowse

Realities of the Freelance Lifestyle

Many people around the world have unexpectedly found themselves navigating the tricky business of working from home. Whether balancing a 9-5 job with raising kids, or establishing a routine with project-based work, the freelance lifestyle brings its own challenges - but the freedom and autonomy that comes with working remotely can be hugely rewarding. With such a drastic shift in the working world, it makes me wonder whether we will begin to see an even greater number of remote workers over the course of this year.

After almost 2 years of freelancing, I've certainly experienced the ups and the downs of this lifestyle: but it's a career style I wouldn't change for the world. Here's why.

You can dictate your own hours

As an early riser anyway, settling myself into a routine is never something I've struggled with; however, a lot of night owls greatly benefit from a freelance lifestyle which allows them to work at the times which most suit them. With such flexible office hours, many people find they are more productive, more easily motivated, and much more creative, too. It's worth remembering that establishing a routine of some kind wherever possible - in whatever way works for you - is important when freelancing, and helps to give your day some structure. I always start my working day by writing out my to-do list for that day, and then checking over my emails. Whether that working day starts at 9am or 1pm is totally up to you!

The world is your office

Anyone who suffers from itchy feet will know that there are never enough days in the year to explore the places you've always dreamed of visiting. One of the most beautiful parts of working remotely is the ability to base yourself anywhere with an internet connection. This can often be financially beneficial, also, as the cost of living can be significantly cheaper. The sudden surge in co-working spaces across the world mean that even those who thrive on a regular, routine-based lifestyle can feel productive in any location - you're likely to meet a number of inspiring, motivated co-workers in these offices, too.

No two days are the same

With many freelance jobs - mostly those which are project-based - you never quite know what's going to land in your inbox. This uncertainty makes each day exciting, with projects which allow you to expand your knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Copywriters particularly often find themselves learning new facts on the job, dipping their toes into a number of interesting industries.

You will pick up a range of invaluable skills

Alongside their profession, freelancers are also in charge of their own marketing, advertising, accounting, and, often, website creation. The range of business skills required to manage your own workload are numerous, and will be useful for whichever career path you may choose to follow. Dealing with clients first-hand and successfully managing your timekeeping are both essential skills for any freelancer, regardless of the industry in which you work.

It gives you the opportunity to be creative

Whether you are a writer or financial advisor, being a freelancer will give you the chance to be creative with your business in ways you couldn't with an office job. Whether you express that creativity through your website design, your logo, or through the services you offer, freelancers' services are always guaranteed to be personal. As a freelancer, your USP is, often, you.


To anyone wondering whether or not to take the plunge, and dive into a freelance lifestyle: you have nothing to lose. Whilst it isn't always easy, and there's a lot to learn along the way, the independence and creativity remote working can give you is well worth it. You never know what opportunities could present themselves.

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