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The Freelance Diaries: Meet Copy + Content Writer Christa Boffa

In our latest interview series, The Freelance Diaries, I chat to freelancers and remote workers around the world to understand what inspires them, the things they love about their job, and any tips they may have to offer to aspiring freelancers.

February's interviewee is talented and creative Christa Boffa of Just Another Writer Studio. A writer and poet from Malta, Christa has lived for more than 6 years in the stunning city of Florence, and crafts written content in three (yes, THREE) languages: Maltese, Italian, and English. As well as copy and content writing across a range of industries, from recruitment and iGaming to hospitality and luxury, she also writes short but beautiful poems in Maltese, which she shares over on her Instagram.

Connect with Christa on Instagram at @christaboffa and @justanotherwriter_studio, LinkedIn, or at her website.

Hey, Christa! Thanks so much for doing this interview with us. Could you give us a little introduction?

Thank you, Abi! And thanks for having me here on your blog. Well, I’m Christa and I’m the founder and one-woman show at Just Another Writer. As the name probably suggests, I do anything to do with writing—so that includes any content writing and generation, copywriting, content localisation, as well as editing and proofreading. I do this in the three languages I’m fully fluent in: English, Italian and Maltese.

I’m currently based in Florence, Italy, but I’m originally from Malta. I love travelling, anything Italy (particularly its wine and food culture), pandas, and the arts. I’m also an avid reader, and a prolific writer, particularly of original poetry in Maltese (which I publish on my IG @christaboffa).

How did you fall into content writing? Did you always know you wanted to write?

I’ve always been obsessed with writing, and my dream has always been to become a full-time writer. Growing up, however, I never thought it would be a viable career path (as I always thought the only writers were the ones writing all the books I devoured as a child) and that wasn’t something we were taught was possible.

To be honest, I got into content writing at the time of the golden era of Facebook, when most of us were updating our statuses every 5-10 seconds. As a millennial, I loved documenting my uneventful life as a 16-year-old there too, until one day someone from my school told me I should start a blog because my statuses were well-written and entertaining. I’m not sure if they truly meant that, but I took their word for it and started my first blog. That’s where I started learning more about content writing. Since then, I worked full-time with different companies before taking the leap and starting my own writing business last year!

Do you have a particular industry or field that you specialise in?

I’ve been working in content for so long now, that I’ve had the opportunity to work in many different industries, within many areas of digital marketing. However, once I started setting up my own business, I thought about which fields I’d like to specialise in further, and decided to just focus on those. I love anything that has to do with writing, so: research and idea generation, content and copywriting, localisation of that same copy according to different languages and cultures, as well as the post-writing phase, so, editing and proofreading. I stuck to those.

What’s your ideal work environment? Are you a WFH kind of gal, or do you prefer offices or coffee houses?

I like a mix of all, according to what my plans for the day are! I tend to work from home when I know my day will be very call-heavy, or when I’m working on a tight deadline for instance. When I’m working on tasks such as research or writing longer pieces, I love going to a café or a coworking space as being around other people really increases my productivity and concentration! In general, I try to work from somewhere other than my house at least once or twice a week, as it’s crucial for my mental wellbeing.

Why do you particularly love being a freelancer? Is there anything you’d change about the remote working lifestyle?

I love that I can work on whatever I want, from wherever I want. I love the flexibility that comes with being a freelancer and being in complete control of my career. When I was considering the switch to a freelance lifestyle, I read a quote somewhere that said that becoming a freelancer is quitting your 9-5 to work 24/7, and most freelancers can tell you that that is true. In fact, that’s probably one thing I’d like to see more of: more awareness and resources from behind the scenes of this working arrangement, whether that’s anything admin related or things like work-life balance as a freelancer.

Tell us about a mistake you’ve made in your career, and what you’ve learnt from it.

There are many mistakes I’ve made in my career—but looking back I wish I had left situations I had outgrown earlier than I actually did. I think finding yourself in a toxic situation is always far easier than realising you are in one, and eventually finding the courage to walk away. So nowadays I just trust my gut a little more than I did back then, and I always try to remember that even though the future might not be clear from where I’m standing, sometimes it’s worth leaving your present in pursuit of a better tomorrow, regardless.

While you’re working, what’s your go-to beverage and snack combination?

Ohhh, this one’s an interesting question. Especially if I’m working from home, I tend to snack a lot, but I try to do so on fruit and nuts, as I feel they help with my concentration. My moka doesn’t get a day off as I love my coffee, but I try to stay hydrated and drink lots of water as well. So coffee, water, fruit and nuts. And the occasional piece of chocolate to keep it real.

In an alternate universe, what other job would you love to do?

I struggle to think of myself doing another job, but I do fantasise quite often about moving to Paris and working at Shakespeare and Co. I’d also love to open my own secondhand bookshop—so whichever universe I’ll be living in, it looks like my job will still be related to words in one way or another!

And, lastly, what’s one piece of advice you’d give to any aspiring freelancers or content writers?

As a freelancer, you are your most valuable asset—so make sure you’re investing in yourself, and most of all, taking care of your wellbeing. There are an infinite number of perks associated with being your own boss, but the other side of the coin is that there’s no one looking after your career growth, opportunities, and work-life balance if you don’t! So, take care of yourself. :)


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