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The Ultimate WFH Christmas List: 9 Great Stocking Fillers for Freelancers

I don’t know about you, but Christmas shopping this year has felt more difficult than usual. Maybe it’s because we’ve all spent the past 2 years doing nothing but online shopping (sorry, bank account), so everyone already has what they need. Maybe it’s because targeted ads seem to pop up at us left, right, and centre, giving us total choice paralysis. Maybe it’s because we’re out of practice, as, let’s face it: Christmas last year basically didn’t exist. Whatever the reason, I know that I’ve been struggling to find the sweet spot between gifts my loved ones want and gifts they’ll actually use.

That’s why, a few weeks ago, I took to my Instagram stories to ask the wonderful freelancers in my network what was on their Christmas lists. The result? This hopefully-handy article bursting with stocking filler inspiration for that remote worker or freelancer in your life. From heated coasters to keep your coffee warm (who knew this was a thing?!) to deliciously aesthetic stationery to help you get organised, take a look at our ultimate freelance Christmas list: curated for freelancers by freelancers.

Ring Light

Especially during the winter months, Zoom calls can start to look a little gloomy. An electric ring light which sits neatly on your desk is the answer, without spending a fortune on a perfectly-lit workspace! Useful also when it comes to creating content such as Reels, TikToks or even YouTube videos, a ring light is a quick way to make you look as if you didn’t roll out of bed just before your meeting…

Splash out: Video Conference Light with Stand from Lume Cube | £54

Budget: HAMA SpotLight Smart LED from Currys | £30

Desktop Tripod

The key to a slick, professional video is consistency and clear footage – both of which are easy to achieve with a desktop phone tripod! This hands-free solution to creating video content will make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to filming Reels, TikToks, and more.

Splash out: HAMA Star 106-3D Tripod from Currys | £26

Budget: Amazon Basics Universal Smartphone Tripod from Amazon | £12.74

Ergonomic Mouse

A seemingly small detail which can make a world of difference to anyone spending most of their day on a computer, investing in an ergonomic mouse is a freelance gamer-changer. Say goodbye to cramped fingers from trawling your laptop’s trackpad, and find a mouse which is designed with both ergonomics and aesthetics in mind.

Splash out: MX Ergo Mouse from Logitech | £100

Budget: MT50 Trackball Mouse from Jelly Comb | £30

Wireless Phone Charger

There is nothing quite like a tangled mess of cables to ruin the productive aesthetic of your carefully curated workspace. For this, wireless phone chargers are the perfect addition to your WFH set-up. Not only to they minimise clutter and look pretty, but they’re also incredibly practical, too.

Splash out: POWERED Pad Wireless Charger from Logitech | £31.50

Budget: Nordmärker Wireless Charging Stand from IKEA | £13

Heated Coaster

Quite possibly the Greatest Invention of All Time, the heated coaster is the gadget you never knew you needed. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be so drawn into whatever project you’re working on that your coffee or tea will sit unattended for roughly an hour, before morphing into a stone-cold, milky shot to be gulped down later that day. Heated coasters will keep your hot drink, well, hot. *Sips cold cup of tea*.

Splash out: Netsu Cup Warmer from Homaeri | £30

Budget: Wood Grain USB Coffee Heating Coaster from Joom | £11.60

Cosy Socks

There’s something about fluffy sock season that gets me all excited – especially when I’m sitting at a desk all day feeling chilly. Whether you’re in it for the comfort or for the fashion statement (or both), no freelancer’s workspace is complete without a pair.

Splash out: Animal Spot Grey Knitted Slipper Socks from Oliver Bonas | £22

Budget: Hunkemoller Cosy Chunky Knit Sock from ASOS | £8

Beautiful Notebooks

It’s a scientifically proven fact (probably) that beautiful, matching stationery makes you feel like you’ve got your s*** together, and therefore motivates you to get more work done. Okay, so I don’t know whether that’s an actual scientific fact, but it certainly feels accurate! A stunning notebook or two is always sure to be a welcome gift for any freelancer or remote worker.

Splash out: A5 Floral Stitched Notebook from Paperchase | £12

Budget: Momoka Butterfly A5 PU Flexi Notebook from WHSmith | £8

Post-Its and Lists

When it comes to sorting your life out, no one does it quite like Sighh Studio. Whether you’re looking to nail down a meal plan or write out your weekly overview, their range of to-do lists and desk pads will make you feel organised AF. The founder, Polly, is a graphic designer, too, meaning everything looks as beautiful as it is useful.

Splash out: Weekly Balance A4 Desk Pad from Sighh Studio | £14

Budget: You Got This Long Checklist Desk Pad from Sighh Studio | £6

Diary or Year Agenda

Not to sound dramatic, but I genuinely don’t know how I’d survive without a yearly planner. Whether you use them to jot down your hair appointments and coffee dates or meticulously write out every single project deadline or client detail, a year diary helps you keep track of everywhere you need to be, as well as everything you need to know.

Splash out: Full of Heart 2022 Diary from Papier | £20.39

Budget: A5 Inky Dot WTV Diary 2022 from Paperchase | £8


Are you a freelancer with something else on your Christmas list? Come and let us know what you'd add in the comments!

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