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Think You Don't Need Pinterest? Think Again!

Over the past few years, amidst the clamour and noise of most social media channels, one platform in particular has been quietly and diligently working away in the background. That platform? Pinterest, of course. Founded all the way back in 2009, Pinterest is by far the most underrated social media platform available to us, offering business owners a chance to easily and accessibly advertise to a huge variety of potential customers. The image-driven lovechild of Google and Instagram, Pinterest is as much a search engine as a social media channel, which only renders it more valuable in terms of what it can do for your brand.

For its users, Pinterest is a place to create mood boards, shop for homeware and fashion pieces, and learn new recipes and skills, among a whole host of other options. Whether your business is looking to inspire or to sell, this is the platform for you. Not convinced yet? Here are 5 reasons your business needs a Pinterest profile.

1. It's the lovechild of Google and Instagram

As we’ve already mentioned, Pinterest works as a mash-up of Google and Instagram, allowing users to search for images related to specific terms and keywords. But what exactly does this mean? Basically, it means that users can, for example, search for a specific location and be presented with a number of images (“Pins”) relating to that place. Each of these Pins then links to a website or blog, allowing users access to more information that could be useful to them. Think a more aesthetic version of Google Images, with each Pin offering a caption, title, and link.

2. Users head there with a specific question in mind

When you’re scrolling through Instagram, you’re normally scrolling with no particular scope in mind. Maybe you’re just killing time, or maybe you want to see whether your friends have been up to anything interesting. Pinterest, however, is entirely different: people who log onto Pinterest are searching for something in particular. What does this mean? It means that, similarly to Google, they already have intention to buy (or to read, in the case of a blog). This will make it much easier for your brand to attract willing customers who are specifically looking for your product or service!

3. It works away in the background

When you start using Pinterest, you might not see results right away. Although this can be disheartening, you have to remember that Pinterest requires patience. Pins usually gain momentum roughly 3 months after initially being posted, which means that, if you use it consistently, you can gain a regular stream of traffic to your site; in this way, it’s one of the lowest-maintenance social media platforms.

4. It's proven to be one of the greatest drivers of blog traffic

If you have a blog connected to your site (which, whatever your industry or profession, you should definitely invest in) Pinterest can be a great way of advertising your blog content. When you’re creating Pins, Pinterest favours new links, which means that those regularly updating a blog or product list will fare best in the world of Pinterest. As mentioned previously, people come to Pinterest with an intention to actively engage with its content, so make sure to write blog posts that are informative and/or entertaining in order to capture the attention of Pinterest users!

5. It allows you to showcase your brand's personality

You’ve probably realised by now that Pinterest is largely centred around imagery and aesthetics. This makes it the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your brand identity! Using websites such as Canva make creating beautiful Pins easy, and allow you to incorporate all aspects of your company’s character and personality into your Pinterest profile: think of it as an interactive mood board for your brand. Remember also to create multiple Pins for each link – that way, you’re more likely to attract visitors to your site.


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