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Top 6 Everyday Apps

For so many of us who now work primarily online, our jobs would not be possible without the help of a smartphone. Although there is a lot to be said about the damaging nature of technology, it has undeniably made our lives a whole lot easier; it seems to be true that there really is an app for everything! But how do you decide which apps will best benefit you - and your business?

These 6 apps have aided me greatly throughout the course of my career, helping me to organise my daily tasks, achieve goals and objectives, and manage my finances. Read on to discover my top 6 everyday apps!

Google Maps

Price: Free

Perhaps one of the most-used apps worldwide, Google Maps is useful for more than just finding your bearings. With clear, simple directions and helpful live traffic updates, Google Maps is perfect for road trips and exploring new areas, but is also a great way of planning your next adventure. By saving and 'starring' cultural sites, restaurants, bars, hotels and more, Google Maps allows you to build an itinerary for any destination, offering also opening times, reviews and customer photos. I never travel without it!

Happy Goals

Price: £2.99

With its bright colour scheme and simple user interface, Happy Goals is one of my favourite apps. In allowing you to set and track your goals in whichever way best suits you, the app makes these objectives achievable and realistic. Happy Goals displays your progress as a percentage, showing you how far you've come and how much further you still have to go. The goals are also completely customisable, allowing you to track everything from how many books you've read to how far you've run!


Price: Free

An ideal app for anyone with multiple websites or links to promote, Milkshake is an app that allows you to create a mini landing page for your Instagram. With its pesky one-link system, Instagram can be a nightmare for anyone who uses the platform for business or promotional purposes. With Milkshake, each landing page can be completely personalised to suit your brand, easily guiding your followers to the correct links for a number of different pages or sites. Favoured by bloggers, the app's aesthetics are more than Insta-worthy.


Price: Free

Regular travellers love TransferWise for its simplicity and its multi-currency banking. With the world becoming increasingly globalised, apps such as TransferWise are rising steadily in popularity, allowing you to easily, cheaply and quickly exchange currencies across borders using just one card. Simply log into the app and switch your currency over to match your next destination. Say goodbye to sky-high airport exchange rates and leftover cash from currencies you may never use again!


Price: Free

I'll be the first to admit that any form of maths makes me incredibly stressed. So when I discovered Splitwise, I knew it would quickly become one of my most-used apps! Not only is this app a perfect way to keep on top of who-owes-what when you're with a large group of people, but it's also a useful way to keep track of your expenses or finances; and it's completely free to download.


Price: Free (with optional in-app purchases)

When running a company or business account on Instagram, aesthetics are so important. For almost all my Stories, I use Unfold: an app which allows you to design professional yet creative Instagram Stories that will capture the attention of your followers. Unfold's templates are customisable, with a range of designs and fonts to suit all industries and fields.

While the app itself is free to download, with the default 'Classic' frames included, additional templates are £0.99 each.


Which are your favourite everyday apps? Let me know in the comments!

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